One thing that seems to be very common to my life since I became wise enough to know my right from my left is heartbreak. Dear readers, the story I am about to share with you started in college days. I was then in a particular relationship that lasted for 7 years before we both went our separate ways because I caught him cheating on me. He was my first love; and what a terrible way to start a love life.

Letting go wasn’t that easy because it took me a long time before I met this kind-hearted guy. Larry was so caring, and straightforward with me that I thought no one else could compare to him. We had a great time as friends, and there was nothing I wanted him to give that he didn’t give me. I was already in love with him even before he made the first move; and maybe that was the mistake I made because not all great friends are great lovers.

Larry noticed that I was already head over heel in love with him; and that didn’t help my course in anyway because he simply started playing hard to get. I was expecting him to make the move so things between us could be formalised (as in becoming lovers formerly), but he never seemed to be in a rush.

I must admit that I was already getting frustrated because things were not going or working according to plan; but thank God he did eventually ask me out. We got off to a fine start as it was one of those relationships I always dreamt about as a kid. Here was a man who had it all; good looks, money, good job, and a wonderful family. Larry is the kind of man that would sweep most ladies off their feet; but there was something missing.

Larry has series of girlfriends; and even though he keeps reassuring me of his love for me, my doubts grew by the day. I am as close as I can possibly be to his mum and siblings; and I sometimes spend weekends in their family home. Virtually everyone can tell from the way he cares for me and showers with me with gift that he truly loves me; but my doubts like I said earlier never ceased.

I love Larry, but the problem I have is that my first love still wants me to give him a second chance. To be fair on him (my first love), it was the first time we had a major problem that had to do with cheating. The truth of the matter is that the person I caught him with is a childhood friend. I am a bit confused because a friend of mine told me that the reason I am going out with Larry is not because I love him, but because I needed someone to take my mind off my first love.

Could this be true? Could it be that I am just with Larry because he came into my life at a time when I needed someone or a shoulder to cry on? There is no doubt that I still have feelings for my first love, especially since he keeps sending people to me and sending me text messages; but how can I possibly go back to someone who cheated on me?

Dear readers, I am in a dilemma because I simply don’t know if I should go ahead with Larry or go back to my first love.

Please help me out!