Did I Board The Same Bus From Kano To Lagos With A Ghost?

The journey from Kano to Lagos or from Lagos to Kano is always a long and boring one depending on who you have as a companion. As a trader who plies that route every week, and since the past 2 years, it is nothing but a routine. I am already used to it, and no matter how long it is; I have no choice. What choice do I have since it’s the only way to transport my goods from Kano; at least that’s the only way to make lots of profits?

On one of those days while boarding a luxurious bus from the popular Sabo ‘n gari park in Kano, the only thought that came to mind was for God to give me a lively companion that would seat next to me in the bus. Luckily I was able to get one as the lady that sat beside me on that day was not only a single; but one that was prepared to chat all the way to Lagos. She initiated most of the discussion we had that day, and it was just like we had known each other for ages. Debra was a warm and lovely person, and that was why I wanted the friendship to extend beyond that trip, and not go the way others have gone.

We had a lot of chat all through the night, and all through the journey, and we never or once closed our eyes. We exchanged contacts including house addresses, email addresses, and mobile phone numbers as we disembarked from the luxurious bus at the popular Ido Motor Park that morning. It was also the very first time I was giving out my contact information to someone I met in the bus; so it is easier to understand how important Debra is to me.

Now here is the scary and strange part of meeting with some strangers in a public bus. Would you believe that I have called the number she gave me on so many occasions; and yet the only reply I get from the other end is that the number doesn’t exist? I find this quite strange because this was a mobile number that I ‘flashed’ or called right in her presence that morning without any problem. Another strange thing is that all the three numbers she gave me keep saying the same thing; they keep saying that the numbers are not in use.

Shocker number two, and most scary of all is the fact that her address is correct; but I was told by her neighbours that she died some 8 months before I met her in the bus. I was shocked to hear that because every one of my friends knows that I am not the type who believes in ghost. Well, the neighbours didn’t doubt me that much; but did enough to almost convince me that Debra actually died 8 months before I met her in the bus.

They brought out a couple of pictures, and I was able to identify her as the same lady I met in the luxurious bus. They showed me her obituary, some pictures taken at her funeral, and a copy of her burial program.

Shocker number three was when they confirmed all three mobile numbers that Debra gave me as hers. They asked me to reel out the number, and when I did, they tallied with the ones on their mobile phones. Then I felt this chilling feeling run through my body.

Could I have boarded the same bus from Kano to Lagos with a ghost?