Didn’t know marriage could change Biola so soon; that’s women for you…

The award for the best actress when it comes to playing two key roles should go to my wife. She is so brutally wicked and harsh these days whenever there is a slight or major argument; but that is not a problem because every man can deal with that. On the flip side, when your wife is seen by everyone outside the home as a saint, which is contrary to her true character; then you know you are in big trouble.

I need someone to help me out because her attitude is beginning to make me feel as if I am the one who has got a problem. Biola is so much loved by everyone because she is indeed nice to a certain degree. She is so humble and respectful, but not to me though. She respects me when we go out and plays the part of a dutiful and loving wife; which is contrary to the Biola I know at home.

For instance, my wife could abandon the dishes and her dirty clothes for days without touching them. Most times I get back from work to tidy the home and put things in order before she gets back from her frustrating banking work. I can’t even complain that she has not been cooking and doing some of her domestic responsibilities without getting insulted in return. We have fired two housemaids in the last four months because Biola’s demanding attitude won’t let them meet up with their duties.

Do I have my own share of the blame? Perhaps I do because I can’t seem to take my eyes and ears off certain “bad” attitudes of hers. As a man one should be able to ignore certain things. Can’t blame me though; after all, it is not easy living with a woman whose real attitude is not visible to the whole world.

It’s so annoying and frustrating how everyone keeps praising my wife to high heavens while the civil war back home continues to rage.

I will appreciate it if someone out there could borrow me a leaf or two on how to deal with this problem.

Divorce? Don’t even go there as that is not an option for me, and I am sure it’s not an option for Biola as well. But can’t deny the fact that I no longer look forward to when she will get back from work; I always pray that she stays a bit longer at work before she comes back home with her AK47 tongue and start firing on all cylinders…