Coping, Adjusting And Getting Involved

The first thing you need to do as a returnee in order to get out of the block is learn how to cope with your new environment. Virtually every experience you have suffered as a result of the change in environment and people has to be put into a kind of box or book and tucked somewhere until you need it.

The next thing and maybe that should be the first thing sometimes is to figure out how important a change is. Change can be a positive thing depending on how you handle and manage it; and your case is not and will never be beyond management. So keep this at the back of your mind and you won’t have to stay within your shell for a very long time. The trick is to help you figure out how to incorporate your new perspectives into your life at home because that is the right way to go about.

The secret behind the success of a lot of returnees who have been able to make it in Nigeria is being able to settle down back in their environment quickly  and also the willingness to learn from people you meet on ground.

You need to be able to cope with most of the issues that can’t be changed .i.e traffic situation but I also believe there is always a solution to every problem in life .You can try and listen to traffic update, ask people who plough that route daily etc.

You need to adjust quickly to your new environment, adjust to the system and how things are done in Nigeria but also observing and slowly trying to implement your own ways and experiences into the system gradually

Also, It would be advisable to get involved in things happening around you, from community meetings, to increasing and expanding your network. Finding something to do is one thing, and doing something that makes you happy and comfortable is another. The latter seems to be the right way to go as it is a waste of time to get yourself busy about at something that will be unable to bring you comfort. When a task brings you joy, comfort, and satisfaction; then life in Nigeria will be nothing but smooth for you and those around you.

The good thing about doing something that brings you joy and comfort in what you do is that you still won’t have to lose your identity once you are able to strike a balance between both standard of living.

You must avoid seeing living abroad as a once in a lifestyle experience, rather you should see it as the start of a lifetime .One that will lead to several other opportunities not to see things within a boundary; but one that leads to a status that makes the people see you as someone who has lived abroad.

Thereafter, you need to move to the next stage of your life, which is to keep pursuing your newfound interest. Resources are limited as they always tells us in Economics class in those good old secondary school days, which is also true; and that is why you need to make the most of the little you have. You need to be at your managerial best to be able to do things and reach your targets. You won’t go far if you live the life of a gambler. Maximize your resources including time, energy, money, and people in order to reach your full potential.

Remember that the entire world is in front of you, and let life lead you to touch the lives of people who want to feel your impact. Your immediate environment is yours to capture, and the state, and country (Nigeria) you live in await your ingenuity.

A few tips to help you start or settle down back into the system will be talked about in the following editions.

For now, enjoy every minute as the day goes by and do shine your eyes.


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