Coming Soon! Returnees Diary.

I would probably have been attracted to that headline too! What headline? I am talking about the one that screams “Coming Soon!” I am sure you want to find out what is it that Iyanda is up to this time around? What could this guy be up to? I am not going to let the cat out of the bag just yet, but I have some good news as well as a couple of clues to help you out!

Well, it is about the returnees; it’s like a guide, and it is something you may not have seen or read before. It is something that is bound to blow your mind, and define your next few years.

There will always be a returnee somewhere in the neighbourhood, and what I have up my sleeve will be revealing, and eye-catchy.

What is in it for you? A lot is in it for you, but I won’t reveal it just yet until the next time. When is the next time? The next time is just what the headline says: “Coming Soon!”

What is in it for me? It is my very special ways of helping every returnee find his footing once they descend from the plane.

So see you the next time, which of course, will be pretty soon!