Can A Relationship Survive Without Sex?

Sex is to a relationship is what fuel is to a car; which makes it one of the most important topics these days. Great relationships are propelled by how couples relate in their bedrooms and how exciting their lifestyle is. It is one of the secrets of many successful people. When you have a strong intimate relationship back home, things are bound to head towards the right direction at work and everywhere you go. So does it mean a relationship can’t survive without sex?

If a relationship can’t survive without sex, how do most people who frown against premarital sex survive without engaging in short flings? I hear people boast that they have been dating their partners for length of years, but my question is how do they manage to survive and stay faithful for that long without engaging in sex? Does it mean some individuals possess some extra ability to stay a very long time without sex ?

I find it strange too because men and women have been caught cheating on their partners because they were denied the opportunity to enjoy sex for a long time; so does it mean some are created specially to be able to handle the temptation that comes to people who have chosen to wait until they get married?