Dear Readers,

Meeting Yetunde was about the best thing that happened to me. I met her at a friend’s party in South Africa, and when we got back to Nigeria, we hooked up again and the first chapter of our love tale was written.

We were great together, had massive fun, things kept going on perfectly well up until I heard disturbing news that she was involved with some other man, that got me really angry. I confronted her with it, and she didn’t deny it.

Wow! My head exploded, “she admitted to it”, but I love her, I said to myself.I just didnt want to let go because I truly cared about her..

After a while we settled it and things went on normally. But shell shocking news befell me when she sent me a message saying that she wasn’t interested anymore and that she needed a break. I was dumbfounded, wondering to myself if I wasn’t the one that was supposed to get angry.

Three months later, she called and said she was ready to come back, and for the love I have for her, I accepted her. But things are not as they were, and I don not see the earlier spark that was present in our relationship.

I’m wondering if we would ever get there again, or should I move on?