Take it all in.
Let it all out.

Always remember.
Never forget.

Grow older.
Stay young at heart.

Remember me.
Stay true to yourself.

Be an individual.
Stick with your friends.

Have no regrets.
Learn from your mistakes.


Strive for the best.
Share the spotlight.

Be confident.
Admit when you’re wrong.

Give yourself more credit.
Take the blame.

Think for yourself.
Think twice.

Love more.
Hate less.

Miss it lots.
Move on.

Be prepared.
Be spontaneous.

Improve yourself.
Never change.

I’ll always be here.
Things won’t always be the same.

Don’t miss it by blinking.
Close your eyes and breathe it in.

Be strong.
Ask for help.

Reach the top.
Don’t fall.

Believe in miracles.
Don’t depend on them.

Live for today.
Look toward tomorrow.