How do you define submissiveness? The answer to that question could stir up a lot of controversies; so I have decided not to beat about the bush trying to offer explanation. However, if you ask me, I think it has to do with knowing what your line is in marriage and keeping to it. Everyone has a boundary when it comes to marriage, and it seems women in those days either know how to keep their limits or were simply being marginalized. So the question of the day is: are women of the past more submissive to their husbands than what we have now?

I have heard from various sources that most African women in those days used to serve their husbands foods while on their knees. They regard their husbands as lords, and therefore accord them a lot of respect. Things have however, changed as civilisation started setting in. Submissiveness now means something different with feminists and other women right groups/campaigners taking over. In other words, women are still being “submissive” to their husbands, but in a different way. They no longer serve their husbands foods on their knees; but they are somehow submissive. However, some men disagree.

So who truly defines submissiveness—the woman of old or today’s woman?