It is true that Nigeria transited from military rule to civilian rule some 17 years ago. It is also a known fact that military coup in Nigeria is no longer fashionable. However, there are some men in uniform who continue to treat civilians as slaves in the country.

The other day, a video surfaced on the internet where a female cadet was caught on tape brutalizing a civilian. Though the military had since denied the incident, claiming it was indeed an old clip that it dealt with in 2014; nothing else has been heard about it since then.

Only on Thursday, a civilian was physically assaulted by another soldier who claimed that the former sneered at him. In a picture that was posted on Nairaland, a man in military uniform was dragging a bus driver from the vehicle—this is nothing but abuse of human right and should be treated as such by the government.

No Nigerian, regardless of the offence he or she may have committed deserved to be treated the way the commercial bus driver was treated. The reason some of these physical assaults being meted out to civilians by men in uniform is on the rise is because the government is playing lip service to human right abuse in the country.

Nigerians too are not helping matters—a situation where civilians invite their military friends or relatives to handle civil matter encourages abuse of human rights. Some Nigerians would rather involve the military in civil matters than make official reports to the police—this is highly unacceptable to put it mildly.