I am sure I’m not the only one who has this question to ask.

I started dating early on in my life, at about 15 years, now I’m 32. Looking back at my 17 years sojourn, should I still ask this question or do I already know the answer?

My first relationship was in secondary school that was when I was leaving junior secondary. My first boy friend just wanted my body, and cared less about my feelings, that didn’t last though, as I met a more handsome guy in SS2. Thinking that this one was going to be and different meant I was fooling myself, because he was even worse than the first, he was cheating alongside sleeping with me.

I was out of dating till I got into the University, where I hoped to find a mature and caring guy who would like me for who I am, and yes I found 2 mature guys who were both loving and caring, but one was a sex addict and the other wanted to fondle anywhere, anytime.

The story continued till I was out of the University, now I’m working, and all the men I’ve met all want the same thing!

Are all men the same?