In 1996 the street directly opposite Eko Hotel known as Olosa street was a very busy one…many activities took place on this street.

Car-wash, table front market, alcohol sellers, and also visitors that came to lodge at Eko Hotel. Amongst the traders at Olosa was Angela’s dad who operate a very local mama-put shop.

Angela was a very hard working girl as she never fails to wash the dishes, serve meals to customers, go to the market and do other chores for her father in their small food shop. These chores never hinder the brilliant Angela from going to school. She was in kuramo secondary school then and was the class prefect in her class,

she attends music club, acting club and bible study club at school before she runs back home to assist her only parent, because nothing was heard of, of Angela’s mother. I guest she might have been a beautiful woman too because her daughter already embodies her prettiness.

Every child, teenagers, and adult loved Angela, probably because of her brilliance and her social way of life. I tell you that nobody knows when Angela is angry because her smiling face will never give you a clue. She was a bit hairy with a chocolate dry skin, standing at around “5”5.

At school Angela always comes first in her class out-smarting other students in the class. This was because of her hard study and seriousness with her education, that I wondered how come this never affect her assisting her dad. Her dad never fails to give Angela whatever she requested probably because she was his only family left.

She always got what ever she asks for and live a life every young girl of her age craves. But this never got to Angela’s head as she was always present minded, acting like 20 years above her age. Around 1996 she was around 12 years old, even as she grew older she still retain her hairy baby face. And her long curly hair keeps getting longer….almost competing with Cinderella’s.

Boys in the neighbourhood never took eyes off Angela, since a lot of them always want to be seen with her. But its not clear if anyone succeeded in being called Angela’s boy friend. Like I said earlier on, she was very serious with her studies and boys were far from it. Also one thing, Angela’s father never wants any street or even home boys to go anywhere near his beloved daughter.

But why?


Why won’t he allow such a beautiful girl to enjoy the good things of life? Wait a minute. we will get there soon.

On Olosa street there was a compound called “Inu Ogba” this compound has a canal in the middle while everyone built there mobile houses (zinc houses) around it. Inu Ogba was obviously a government property as the government officials like “Operation Sweep” and “Task Force” never let anyone in the compound experience a straight one month peace. If they are around you will know by their green and yellow khaki boots, most of them were of Hausa descent as they don’t here stop, it what we call “Soldire go Soldire come” in Nigeria.

This ugly scaring disturbing events makes Inu Ogba irritate everyone apart from Angela’s father.


In front of this Inu Ogba there were 7 small shops including Angela’s dad’s shop. Namely Aunty Ngozi’s shop, she sells cigar and alcohol, Bunmi’s mother, she sells ewa gooin, mama ngo, she sells provisions, and 4 other small shops. Amongst the shops do you know who makes the most sale? Angela’s dad shop!

They are the top sellers amongst them all and every one was a were of this bitter bitter fact. How come?

How does he do it? Selling more than every one else.

Truthfully there is nothing hidden under the sun. Word soon broke out that Angela’s dad went to a native doctor or a voodoo man or an herbalist, because in the early days when he started business on Olosa street he was amongst those making the poorest sales. It was said that the ritual the Native doctor gave Angela’s dad was that,

he should start sleeping with Angela his only daughter!

This was confirmed true, because he later felt sick while this story broke out. And after he recovered he and Angela never came back to Olosa street and Inu Ogba again.