Trust men, one suitor after another started trooping in to ask for my hand in marriage. It was as if they were waiting for my dad to pull the plug on my education before they start making their intentions known. They came in all shades, old and young, rich and poor; everyone wanted my hand in marriage. My dad was delighted; and so he called me one night to inform me that some men have been coming to ask for my hand in marriage and that I should start preparing my mind for marriage. Of course, he only informed me not to give me the opportunity to say yes or no, but to get me prepared; and of course, the choice of the man to marry depends on my dad.

So it was only a matter of months before I moved into the home of my master (my husband)…but some events would later take place that will forever remain indelible for the rest of my life…I was raped before…!

On the eve of the Christmas of that same year my mum gave birth to my little brother, I had gone to my uncle’s place to get some bread for the family, but didn’t know that a young man was also there watching me. In the empty home, he took advantage of me; he did a lot of things that I didn’t understand; he touched my breast. Before I could realize, there was a cloth over my mouth and I was being raped. I was having trouble walking back home; I felt faint and I had a headache. When a woman or a girl is raped, she loses her dignity and no longer appeal to her suitors as everyone starts treating her as accursed.

My parents couldn’t take it; it was too much of a bitter pill for my dad to swallow. It was a sad day; a day my parents and I will never forget for the rest of our lives.

The deed is done, but the scar will linger forever; no man will ever come for a lady who is never a chaste…

Though, the man who raped me was not identified, no one bothered to make an effort to investigate. All the suitors who were coming in droves before the incident vanished into thin air. I became the laughing stock of the community, and the courage to return to work also vanished into thin air.

Rejected by those who should care for me…

Those who should care for me also turned their backs on me and saw me as someone who is cursed. The days and months after that unfortunate incident were cold and cruel. I thought of suicide as an option since I couldn’t deal with the pain. Each passing day my desire to commit suicide got stronger; but God’s plan for me was much stronger and it kept me alive for the breakthrough that eventually came about eight months after the rape incident.