In everything that happens in life, there is always a lesson or two to be learnt; and I guess the rape incident brought some positives down my way. Though, I have not been able to trust men again as a result of what happened; the fact that all my suitors took to their heels one after the other is something to cheer about.

Cases of rape are rampant in my community, so mine was not the first. In the midst of the storm, I was able to find an ally; someone that knew what it meant to be raped. I met Margaret who later introduced me to a woman who became like a guardian angel from that time onward. The love and affection I so much craved for eventually came; but from an unlikely source.

Not everyone who got raped during my time in my community ever made it through the emotional storm that followed; but Margaret and I were lucky to breakthrough. Through the help of the woman she introduced me to; we were able to continue our education after being taken out of the community. It as a painful decision and I know it was illegal to leave home at that age without the consent of my parents, but I just needed to leave town at the time.

If anyone was looking for me back in the community, it didn’t bother me because any opportunity to leave the shame behind was a welcome one. I got enrolled in a public school as well as a vocation. The woman was just interested in helping out and didn’t give any condition; though it didn’t matter to me if conditions were attached.

The first few months away from home weren’t easy; but somehow I made it through the lonely days and nights of not having the love of my mum to comfort me.

Dear readers, I went through a lot; but the essence of writing this is not to make anyone feel for me, but to rise up to whatever challenge throws at you.

I finally saw my parents last week after seven years of being away from them. It wasn’t easy though, but life has something in store for every one of us. Though, I have not been able to secure admission into the university to further my studies, at least I am comforted by the fact that I now have a fashion store of mine with an impressive amount of apprentices. I am also in the process of processing admission into one of the government universities as a part time student; hopefully I can be granted admission to study law. I tried my hands on the UME exams on several occasions but was unable to secure admission.


The moral of what I have been through in life is that you should never give up. Though, not every victim of rape will be lucky to find a guardian angel like I did, suicide should never be an option despite the storms that may arise from being a victim.

Never be afraid to take your chances when they come your way; life does not always offer us too many chances at making something meaningful out of it.

Forget revenge; it never exists! Although rape is not one of those experiences that easily fade away; try to get over it and move on.