After The Storm Comes The Sunshine-Just Hold On To Your Marriage

“More marriages might survive if the partners realized that sometimes the better comes after the worse,”—Doug Larson.

Whoever said marriage was going to be easy. The truth about being married and remaining in marriage is that tough times will come. The other truth is that the storm won’t remain there forever—you will most certainly pull through if you don’t give up on life.

Don’t dash out of marriage just because things are not working the way you expected them to be. You can make it work only if you understand the principle of times and seasons. The sun shines all through the summer because it is designed to. The same occurs to the rain; it holds us hostage during its season. God has scheduled things to appear and carry out His instructions at the time and season appointed for each.

Is your marriage going through storm? Hang in there—don’t give up for the sunshine is only a few hours or days ahead. Remember this: there is no permanent stay of the cloud in the sky—your honeymoon is making a return; and this time it is going to last forever.

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