Dear readers, this is going to be fairly short as I do not wish to bore you guys with a long epistle or story. Please read my story and offer solution as I cannot afford to lose Aduni, the girl that lives next flat to another man or else my life may never have a happy ending.

Aduni and I dated for three months prior to the arrival of this messenger from hell that suddenly showed up in my life and ruin everything for me. No words can describe how Aduni caught the said messenger from hell lying with me on my bed as she walked in unannounced that Friday morning.

I always knew that my insatiable appetite for anything under the skirt would be my greatest undoing, but I thought having Aduni was enough to kill such passion.

I am not here to plead innocence; I admit I was wrong by falling for the temptation of sleeping with Aduni’s friend. All I want is every reader of this beautiful blog to plead with Aduni to give me a second chance. She is all I have got, and she is the only one that can help me overcome my lust for anything under the skirt.

Aduni the deed has been done already; please forgive me. I am prepared to cross the deepest ocean, and scale the highest height just to earn your forgiveness. Please forgive me, let my life have a happy ending.

Aduni I know you are a regular reader of Iyandasdiary, and that is why I have come to this blog to ask for a second chance. Please give me a second chance to make it up to you.