Discipline, as easy as it may sound to you, is one of the most difficult things to bound one self with. It plays a vital role in the quest for success, hence it’s difficulty as success is not a playground for the weak.

However, it may be very easy to go about it if you learn this nine easy steps that you might not have heard nor read of. Stay with me.

You can start with,

1. Healthy Food

As unimportant as this sounds, it plays a significant role in being disciplined in your day to day life. Taking good food is as important as the rest, because food is a factor that controls the body’s stability. The type of food you intake have an infect in your body emotionally and physically.

Get rid of eating what is available and focus on food that enhance your body balance emotionally and physically. Make it a habit to avoid taking junk food. Taking good meal prepares the body for better tasks. A wussy body can’t keep track with the demands of discipline.

2. Avoid Bout Intake

Be contiouse of the quantity of food you take, “I was out busy the whole time, I couldn’t find time to eat. I am so hungry—I can eat a bucket of boiled yam laced with fried eggs,” Let this end as a figure of speech, do not practicalize it, even at slight. You’re not doing yourself good by stuffing yourself with too much. If you’ve seen an overfed child before, you can testify how uncomfortable bout intake could be. Take note.

3. Run Away From Sleeplessness

After a much deliberation on food to chase hunger away and still keep it cool, good sleep is another factor that set your body ready for the battle of discipline. Inadequate amount of these three is a guarantee of indiscipline. You want to be disciplined? Then don’t expect a frail body and lazy bones to help you out. Some insomnia are only your refusal to relax your mind, be guilded and make sure to get adequate amount of sleep.

4. Early To Bed

In kindergarten or basic classes, there is a song or a recitation called Early To Bed, Early To Rise: This is a constant teaching that helps the kids not only to be early for classes but to get the body ready for classes.

When you sleep late at night, unless you opt to sleep by morning and get works done at night, your daily activities get disorganized. You don’t wake up fresh and even if you’d want to keep early after sleeping late at night, you get headache and feel dizzy most times: you’re being cruel to yourself by this. Therefore, make it a habit to sleep early, it gets you ready to act the next day.

5. Early To Rise

This is the other part of the previous one. Make it a habit to wake early. When you wake up late, you miss important and beautiful times. The early moment by morning when your freshness still hover around you is one of the best times to get things done, by keeping up with this, discipline is sure. Do not make yourself a sleep head. You don’t want to procrastinate your activities? Then wake up early.

6. Morning Walk

You might have been finding it a little difficult to leave the morning comfort—on bed or sofa, but when you rise early and your mind is sparked by the beauty and wonders of morning atmosphere, it would be easy that you take a walk in the morning.

Taking walks in the morning gives a ready effect to your being. You’re not tired, you just come home so ready to accomplish the goals for that day.

7. Mini daily goals

Set daily goals for yourself, but don’t stuff yourself with too many goals. Set achievable goals. It is the little by little accomplishment that makes you hit a milestone. Spread your goals in days and you’ll be surprised at your accomplishments. This will bound you to work systematically and enjoy your process.

8. Micro Good Habit Cultivation.

Now, these habits are so easy to cultivate and habituated that is why I call them micro. Keep good gestures at people. Always try and leave a smile on your face every time. Do not ignore the smallest help you can render because you “don’t have time”. Admit to be wrong when you’re wrong even in the smallest situations. Help people even when you’re so sure they’re not going to notice because the help is so little. Show gratitude to the smallest help rendered to you, people are pleased by it. There are several micro habits you can cultivate and be consistent at.

9. Self-consciousness

Self-discipline starts when you’ve decided to be conscious each time about these listed things. Consciously do them, even if you have to ask yourself inwardly, “hope I’m in track with my daily habits to discipline?” Ask yourself. Once you do one thing, be conscious of it’s positive or negative effect. With this, it can only get better in your day to day life.