Working on a low budget for your wedding doesn’t mean you are planning a cheap event. I have heard some Nigerian ladies boasts of how they plan to spend loads of money to make their wedding an unforgettable event. Of course, an event like a wedding only comes up once in a lifetime (at least for a lot of people), so it has to be properly planned in order to leave a lasting impression in the hearts of people. However, you don’t want to run into debt while trying to create a lasting impression in the hearts of people. As they always say, seven is the number for perfection—so here are seven powerful tips on how to plan a wedding on a low budget.

  1. Avoid bloated guest lists–Want a perfect wedding, but don’t have the money to organize a big event? Then you have to work on your guest lists. For crying out loud, organizing a wedding is not an occasion to feed the entire world—cut down on your guests lists and save more on food and other items.
  2. Move your wedding venue to an unfamiliar location—This is one of the biggest secrets to organizing a wedding on a low budget. Taking your wedding venue to a location where most of your friends and colleagues may not be able to attend is one of the best ways to cut down on your expenses. This tip is ideal for you if you are finding it difficult to reduce or cut your guest lists.
  3. Don’t be afraid or shy to ask for help—Not everyone is bold when it comes to asking for a helping hand when planning a wedding event. You can ask your friends and colleagues to convert those wedding gifts they intend to buy into cash. What you need is the cash to plan your wedding; gifts are not half as important as being able to get all the cash you need for your wedding.
  4. Rent an open space—If the wedding is taking place during the dry season in Nigeria, then it is best to discard the idea of paying for a hugely expensive event Centre.
  5. Discard the idea of hiring a professional caterer– Surely there has to be some good cooks amongst your friends, family, neighbours and even colleagues. With a few investigations, you should be able to get a few people who can help out with the cooking.
  6. Rent a wedding gown—This is where a lot of ladies love to ignore the rule on financial discipline. For crying out loud a wedding gown is only worn once in a lifetime, and it’s no good spending a fortune on a dress you won’t get to wear again. Get a few addresses of bridal shops around town and see if you can find a decent wedding gown to rent for a reasonably low amount.
  7. Stick to your budget—Wedding is one of those rare events that attract a lot of favours and helping hands from people. Having said that, don’t be tempted to overshooting your budget because some friends and colleagues have made pledges—avoid building castles in the air. Keep to your original budget and avoid spending beyond what you and your partner have agreed to. Wedding is just an event that takes place on a single day; the real journey starts after the reception.