Hey guys out there! Everyone likes to be married to a beautiful woman—a woman with a sexy and attractive face. But marrying a lady just because she is ‘miss cute’ does have some consequences. Now don’t get me all wrong because I am not by any means asking you to dump her because she is gorgeously looking—far from that. Beauty should be one of many other reasons why you should marry a lady and not basically the only one.

So here are five reasons why you shouldn’t ever marry a woman who has got good looks, but lacking in other areas.

  1. Beauty without good manners is unacceptable: Marrying a woman because she has got good looks, but lacking in some basic manners is like digging an early grave. This can be very frustrating and things can get messy if you can’t cope with how she treats and talks to you in the public or how she related with those around you.
  2. Beauty without brains/intelligence: One of the qualities of a wife material is ability to measure up to any occasion. A woman should be able to relate effortlessly with anyone and talk freely on virtually every topic. She doesn’t have to be a Masters’ Degree holder; what’s important is that she is able to hold her own in any occasion.
  3. Beauty without human kindness: Being kind is an act of beauty itself. A woman should have some measure of kindness within her and should be able to let it show wherever she goes. Avoid marrying a woman who doesn’t have an iota of human kindness in her.
  4. Beauty without control: Let’s face it, not all beautiful women are flirts; the problem is, no beautiful woman is without an admirer. However, one of the qualities of a woman of substance is her ability to say no to dating as many men as she likes. In other words, all beautiful women should be faithful. So marrying a beautiful woman comes with its own heartaches, especially for the jealous guys out there.
  5. Beauty without humility: Can’t say how true this is, but some have said most beautiful women are proud and arrogant. So if you don’t have the stomach to accept a who is proud and arrogant, then take your search elsewhere.

*Note! This is just a guide to help you get the ideal woman out there; and watch it—all women out there are cute!