For economic and other reasons, people find all kinds of excuses to avoid spending quality time together after wedding. However, skipping your honeymoon for whatever reason is not always ideal. These days, most newlyweds come up with all sorts of excuses about how they have to dash to work and make some money; this is not right as it could backfire sometime in the future.

Here are five reasons why you can’t afford to skip your honeymoon.

  1. Honeymoon helps you to a solid start: Nothing beats a solid foundation when talking about marriage. The true foundation of a lasting and happy marriage lies heavily on the first few days/weeks you spend alone with your partner. The freshness is still there, regardless of how long you have been together or known each other before marriage. Take full advantage of the moment to build an enduring marriage.
  2. It helps you to plan: The atmosphere around you and your spouse is still fresh and inspiring, and that is the best moment to plan ahead. You can start making solid plans towards the number of kids you want to have, joint accounts, and how to settle differences when things go out of hand.
  3. Learn new things: No two individuals are the same in terms of behaviour and character. To truly have a few practical experience about your spouse, you need to spend some time with him, especially during the honeymoon period.
  4. Huge opportunity to make babies: During the honeymoon period, love is in the air; and there is no better opportunity to make babies than when you are both calm. It is time for you and your partner to take advantage of the honeymoon period to make babies before the pressure of going and returning from work every day sets in.
  5. Such moments may never come again: Counsellors always advise couples having issues with their marriage to consider going on a vacation. This is based on the fact that spending time together with your spouse in a cool and romantic atmosphere encourages bonding and eliminates or reduces pressure. However, you should consider starting your marriage life with a week or two off from work; spending quality time with your partner in order to have a happy home.

Nothing beats a well-planned honeymoon after your wedding. It solves a lot of problem and saves your marriage from having hiccups in the future.